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Concrete Stairwell Bellevue Residence

Kirkland residential remodel, stairs and pathway reconstruction. We disposed of old stairwell and cracked pathway, and re-poured retaining wall stairs and pathway with broom finish.        

Concrete driveway for your new home

With such great weather this early spring and upcoming summer this may be the year to get rid of that old cracked driveway or patio and replace it with a new slab. The building and construction of the Seattle area is growing rapidly.  With home prices on the rise you can rest assured of the […]

The Science of Concrete : Ca3SiO5 + H2O → (CaO)·(SiO2)·(H2O)(gel) + Ca(OH)2

Concrete is a composite construction material made primarily with aggregate, cement, and water. There are many formulations of concrete, which provide varied properties, and concrete is the most-used man-made product in the world Portland cement is the most common type of cement in general usage. It is a basic ingredient of concrete, mortar and plaster. […]